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WaspTime and Daylight Savings Time
Posted by Sicaro Burnett on 03 November 2014 10:41 AM


WaspTime allows you to apply Daylight Savings Time to all timecards in your system.

If Time Sync Setup is set to automatically synchronize the time clock, and synchronization was performed over the weekend, there is no need to apply daylight savings time for employees that were clocked in at the time the clock was synced.


For more details and other relevant info click the link below:

WaspTime : How do I apply daylight Savings Time

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Processing Holidays for WaspTime
Posted by Sicaro Burnett on 08 September 2014 11:25 AM

The Process Holidays screen allows you to apply Holiday hours to the timecard data of Employees in All or Selected Departments or Groups.

This allows you to, for instance, apply holiday pay for Labor Day to all employees at once.


Click the link below to view a helpful Knowledge Base article for processing holidays in WaspTime.


Processing Holidays for WaspTime


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MobileAsset v7 Tutorial
Posted by Sicaro Burnett on 26 August 2014 04:13 PM

This video series covers the topics listed below              

What are Assets and Asset Types? How can I maintain my Assets?
What are Depreciation Classes? What are Contracts?
How do I check out Assets? What is the Database Manager?
How do I transfer a checked-out Asset? How to use the web module?
How to reserve assets?



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Asset Tracking Software for Education – iPhone & iPad
Posted by Sicaro Burnett on 14 July 2014 09:16 AM

MobileAsset.EDU complete solutions include everything you need to account for the valuable assets used to run your educational institution – from software and IT assets, to furniture, media equipment, and much more.

Tracking your institution’s assets just got easier with the MobileAsset App; download from the App Store or Google Play and begin using your existing iPhone, iPad, or Android device.


MobileAsset.EDU Professional Features:

  • Manage assets anywhere with existing iPhones, iPads, and Android devices
  • Sync mobile device data anywhere with a network or cellular connection
  • Email alerts of past-due maintenance, overdue checked-out items, and expired contracts
  • Track software licenses are owned by your institution and how many are currently available
  • View 61 powerful management reports, including: transaction and audit history, check-out reports, and maintenance records


More Features >>


What customers are saying

Miami Public Schools
Case Study

Mobile Asset Pro - Product Tour

Houston ISD Middle School
Case Study

City of Dallas - Product Tour

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MobileAsset v7 is here and now works with iOS and Android
Posted by Sicaro Burnett on 02 June 2014 12:45 PM


The latest version of MobileAsset offers exciting new features and enhancements designed to make managing your assets easier than ever.


MAv7 Video


New to MobileAsset v7 Standard:

  1. Customizable Dashboard
  2. Picture & Signature Capture from Mobile Devices
  3. Includes Wasp Labeler v7

New to MobileAsset v7 Pro

  1. Unlimited Wasp mobile device licenses.
  2. iOS and Android Support
  3. SyncAnywhere
  4. Supports Funding Source
  5. Email Alerts

New to MobileAsset v7 Enterprise

  1. Active Directory Integration for PC
  2. Manage Assets at Multiple Companies


MobileAsset v7 Feature Comparison Chart

Special Pricing factored into prices until June 31st, 2014




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