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Windows 10, Labeler & label printer issue
Posted by Scott Kircher on 04 August 2015 06:00 PM

Wasp has identified an image size issue when printing to label printers from Windows 10 via Labeler v7 (which sends WPL & ZPL code). The output shows at less than half size, and/or the output may be outside the printable area so far that it doesn't appear on the label at all. Standard print jobs (such as from WordPad) are not affected.

The problem has been observed on Wasp printer models WPL305 and WPL612, as well as at least one model from Zebra. The problem is due to a conflict between Windows 10 and label printer drivers. It is not a problem with Labeler software or the printer hardware.

Customers printing from Labeler to Wasp or Zebra printers should not upgrade to Windows 10 before the new driver is available. There is no current workaround other than printing from an earlier version of Windows. 

Wasp will announce when Wasp's updated printer driver is available. For other manufacturers' printers, check with those respective manufacturers for updates.

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Windows 10 and Wasp Products
Posted by Scott Kircher on 29 July 2015 03:01 PM
Microsoft released Windows 10 on July 29, 2015. While Wasp expects our products to operate the same as in Windows 8 (in line with Microsoft's general expectations), currently we have not completed testing. Wasp expects our Windows 10 testing to be completed by the end of 2015.
Use of Wasp products on Windows 10 (or other unsupported operating system) is at your own risk, and not recommended for production systems. It is also unsupported, meaning we will document any reported problems, but will not actively develop fixes until the Wasp product has passed Windows 10 testing.

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PackageTracker Update
Posted by Sicaro Burnett on 02 December 2014 11:44 AM

If you are using a mobile device:

We recommend having all your data uploaded before the update. If that is not possible, you will still be able to upload your existing packages from your mobile device (so you should not lose any data). However, you will need to upgrade the mobile device before you can do a data download (full sync). For more information please look at this KB article.


The update includes:

  • New Received Report
  • “Guest Recipient” mode  (for Hotel type configurations)
  • Single Sign On ability (using the SAML standard)
  • Improved Recipient Import performance
  • Added “Signed By” to the Delivered Report
  • Added an “Admin Only” user which won’t take up a user license
  • Ability to Assign and Revoke user licenses
  • Multiple selection now available on the Mobile Device’s Package List
  • Can now use “Forgot Password” even if you don’t have email settings configured
  • Other improvements and bug fixes


Please contact our support team for any issues or concerns!



Wasp Package Tracker Team


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Package Tracker says an update is available and I must upgrade

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WaspTime and Daylight Savings Time
Posted by Sicaro Burnett on 03 November 2014 10:41 AM


WaspTime allows you to apply Daylight Savings Time to all timecards in your system.

If Time Sync Setup is set to automatically synchronize the time clock, and synchronization was performed over the weekend, there is no need to apply daylight savings time for employees that were clocked in at the time the clock was synced.


For more details and other relevant info click the link below:

WaspTime : How do I apply daylight Savings Time

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Processing Holidays for WaspTime
Posted by Sicaro Burnett on 08 September 2014 11:25 AM

The Process Holidays screen allows you to apply Holiday hours to the timecard data of Employees in All or Selected Departments or Groups.

This allows you to, for instance, apply holiday pay for Labor Day to all employees at once.


Click the link below to view a helpful Knowledge Base article for processing holidays in WaspTime.


Processing Holidays for WaspTime


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