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Wasp Software Registration and Activation Key
Posted by Sicaro Burnett on 17 November 2015 02:12 PM

After your Wasp Software has been installed you might get a prompt to Register or Enter Your Activation Key.  Registration must be done on our main website. 

You are required to first register an account for our main website  This account is different from the account you might have at our  tech support website  Once signed into the website account you can register software for your account.  After registering your software the activation key will be automatically emailed.


Follow the steps below to register your Wasp Barcode Technologies software:


1. Go to    For UK customers, use


2. If you have already created an account on our site click Login in to log into your account and skip to step 4. 

Click Create New Account to create an account.


3. Submitting the form will create the account and allow you to register Software.


4. Once signed into your account, click Register your Product under My Products.


5 Fill out the form to register your Wasp Software.  The activation key will be emailed to you.



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